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The Front Pager Style Awards 2012

Yes, we are that big now. Handing out awards to the stars. Too bad none of them could come to our headquarters and pick them up. Oh well. Moving right along.
2012 has practically come to an end and its been a very stylish year. Here are our top picks of the most amazing style stars of the last twelve months.

Fashion Forward Female - Olivia Palermo

Wonder who that is on the phone? Must me somebody 10000% fashion forward and awesome. I mean seriously, just look at her.

Glam from head to toe, beautiful, effortless and totally chic. Olivia Palermo has been everywhere this year and she has really been a pleasure to watch.

She has a flair for mixing prints, cuts, textures and colours and making it look completely effortless. Every outfit is a masterpiece. She goes easy on the hair and make-up and lets her natural beauty and amazing clothes do the talking. 

Also, this (the hottie above) is her boyfriend  The insanely well dressed, Johaness Huebl - a model by trade (obviously) and the perfect accessory. From red carpets to runways, Olivia P is always on point.

Red carpet dazzler - Emma Watson

Shine bright like a diamond, Miss Watson. 
Now here's a girl that is pure class (not to mention talent). Emma Watson has been putting the rest of  Hollywood's young stars to shame all year with an elegance that knows no bounds.

She made the transition form Harry Potter star to A-list star in the trendiest way possible. She gets full fashion points whenever she steps out. 

Even her street style is amazing. Simple but always chic and totally stylish. Em is fresh and sexy but clean and young at the same time. 

Her hair and make-up is sleek and beautiful t and she is always rocking that killer smile. We know that we are in for a treat whenever she steps out.

Street Style queen - Mollie King

Come now, you did not just ask me who Mollie King is.
 She's that girl that was once rumoured to be dating Prince Harry. More importantly she is one fifth of the Saturdays. They are a British girl-band by the way.

Mollie, whether you know her or not is a sharp dresser. Her street style stands out because it is so accessible  She takes everyday brands from affordable stores, gives them some chic styling and turns up looking crazy glam.

Not only is Mollz a stunner (with a major hot body),  she is naturally stylish and she looks like Sienna Miller. I don't know what's more enviable. Her stilettos or her bags? 

Molly takes simplicity and makes a statement. She isn't afraid to head to TopShop or New Look and she isn't rail thin. She's a refreshing everyday girls-girl.  Totally lovable. 

Runner up: Miranda Kerr
For obvious reasons. 

Style Revelation - Ashley Madekwe

Ooh la la. I can get enough of this girl! Somebody turn on the fashion it-girl alert.

Whether she's slumming it up on her style blog or rocking the latest trends on the red carpet, Revenge's Ashley Madekwe is a style force to be reckoned with. 

Ashley doesn't just wear nice clothes. Any old fool can do that. She has an intense love for and a knowledge of fashion. She has a unique look that is leaving A-listers shaking in their Givenchy boots.  

Ashley's style is never too fussy. She knows how to keep it simple. Even her character on Revenge is a style boff. It was written in the statrs. Watch out 2013, Ashley Maddz will take you by storm, one fashionable raindrop at a time. 

Most improved - Amy Adams

Here's to you darling. When did you become such a little glamour-puss?
Amy Adams used to be such a snooze-fezt/fashion mistake. But it looks like she's finally realized that she is a gorgeous red-headed (so jel of her hair!) A-lister and she's finally going all in. 

Taking slight fashion risks, turning to top of the crop designers and using that gorgeous red hair to her advantage. Why hasn't Amy been doing this all along? . 

Hot body, beautiful face and a front row seat at major fashion weeks. Not only is she a great actress but she now looks like one. 

I can't get enough of her red carpet looks and I can't wait to see her take on the next awards season. The girl has cleaned up nice.

Runner up: Nina Dobrev
She's been embracing her amazing body and looking absolutely radiant this year. And she's managed to keep  the delectable Ian Somehalder by her stylish side - three cheers for Miss Hotbrev. 

Head Turner of the year - Kat Graham

Well here's another Vampire Diaries hottie proving that a pretty girl can do anything. Even the big hair and crazy prints cant take away from Kat Graham's beauty.  
She could turn heads with her face alone, but she has other eccentric ideas. 

Kat is the queen of eccentric, sexy and wild outfits. From head-to-toe she is a fashion knockout -always fearless and fabulous. 

The edge that Kat has over other outrageous dressed stars (think Gaga and Minaj) is that there is method to her madness. She never looks like a circus clown and if she ever did, she would be the coolest clown in town. 

Whats refreshing about Kat's style is that it is a complete departure from the so-so looks that she rocks on  The Vampire Diaries and wherever she goes, she 100% commits to her look. 
Her hair, make-up, jewelry and nails are always a source of envy and her get-ups never get boring. 

Beauty Icon of the year - Ashley Greene

What a pretty girl. Seriously, Google her if you must. Ashley Greene is such a natural and amazing beauty

Lady Greene or the only good thing about Twilight as I like to call her, clearly knows her way around a make-up kit. Smoky eyes, contoured cheeks, sexy brows, luscious lips. She has got it all. 

Ash is all about the mascara.  Her make-up always complements her outfits whether she's being dark and edgy or a red-carpet princess. She knows that eye make can make a look.

That jawline, those eyes and those lovely dark locks have made her one of the most coveted and stunning woman in Hollywood. Make-up brands, take a number. This beauty will be with you shortly. 

Runner up: Amanda Seyfried
Her beauty, is almost other-worldly. Slap on some edgy hair and make-up and there is no way you can stop staring at this girl. I love her eyes and her flowy blond hair. She's also one to watch on the fashion stakes. 

One to watch - Emily VanCamp

Blonde, pretty, classy and rather stylish. She is the star of Revenge and she'll soon be the star red carpets all over Hollywood.

VanCamp reminds me of a bit of an Emma Stone meets Leighton Meestor meets Jessica Biel type of dresser, but she's so original at the same time. She's always class and effortless. Never to over done. Just the way we like it. 

Emms has a gorgeous face and a killer bod, so she could wear almost anything. But she chooses to be demure and fresh faced instead of being an over the top doll. Revenge is one of the best shows on TV right now, so expect so much more from this amazing girl next year. 

We want your wardrobe award - Guiliana Rancic

She's made watching E! news so much fun. Thank you G. 
Tall and skinny, Guiliana can wear almost anything and she always picks the good stuff.

She plays with prints and creates curves on her lean body. G also has the most amazing shoe collection that I have ever seen. And as for her hair? There are few things I wouldn't give for those lovely locks.

She outshines the stars that she interviews on the red carpet and she keeps it trendy when she hits the streets. 
Plus, she's with the gorgeous Bill Rancic. Yes, we want that too. 

Best dressed dude - Andrew Garfield

A man whose hair needs a shrine made in it's honour. That's our Andy Garfield. Always posh and hot to trot. 

Designer labels, sauve suits and a ridiculously handsome face. This guy is a call away from being cast in 'Suits.' 
We love Andy because he doesn't take himself too seriously. He doesn't concern himself too much about the way he looks, yet he still manages to rock up looking like this. 

We also love him because he makes plaid look good, he's totally British and his style is never predictable. You never know how nerdy, how cool or hot Andy is gonna look. The only that is guaranteed is that he will be looking great. 

Girl of the year - Emma Stone/Blake Lively 

It's Andrew Garfield's girl vs the most stylish girl on TV. We love them both. How could we ever chose? 

On the lest corner we have Little Miss Stone. Style star extraordinaire, demure diva, and the queen of chic class.  

On the right we have the pretty and leggy, Blively. Amazing hair, fresh and fun looks and a true passion for fashion make her a true style star. 

Both the ladies are talented and gorgeous fearless fashionistas that took red carpets and our hearts by storm this year. You wont find nicer girls in Hollywood. And you never be able to choose between the two.

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