Monday, November 19, 2012

Who brought the noise at the American Music Awards

I love it when these awards shows are in such quick succession. Especially music awards, because all the stars put in so much more effort to look cool, crazy and fun.
Lets take a looksy at what wowed us (and scared us) at the AMA's.

Cute Carly

Aaaaah, how I love Carly Rae Jepsen. Oh, how she loves to look boring at awards shows. 
For a girl with such amazing personal style, I am surprised that she choose this deadbeat, totally forgettable Gomez Garcia dress. Not only is it identical to her EMA mess, it's just not suitable for a 26 year old pop star. 

Destiny's wow

I knew she was the real hot one in the band. 
When it comes to red carpet rocking it out, we can always count on Kelly. This girl has a smoking body, stunning face and a winning sense of style. Looking good is like breathing to her. Doesn't even have to go all crazy with her outfits. This is a lovely Naeem Khan creation. She looks amazing. 

Pretty Little Snooze-fest

Come on now Lucy Hale, you are so much better than this. You are so much better than that awful necklace.  It's the AMA's and the otherwise lovely Miss Hale looks like she's going to a funeral. The Elizabeth and James dress is sweet but it just doesn't cut it for the red carpet. 
Luce is absolutely gorgeous and she is one of my favourite residents of Young Hot Hollywood, but this look has left me very very disappointed. 

She cleans up nice

Finally! Nicki dresses the way I've always wanted her too. Still colourful, still standing out, still loud, but way more on trend and put together.
Granted, Julie Bowen (of Modern family fame) wore this Monique Lhuillier first and she looked a gazillion times better, but we must give credit were credit is due - nice one, Nicki.  


At some point you get tired of seeing the same old person on the red carpet and I'm pretty tired of seeing Heidi Klum. Well tired of seeing her dressed like this at least. Shiny, golden, boring, Alexandre Vauthier (is he her new go to designer, now?) - I can't talk about this anymore. Next? 

Wah wah we wah! 

Need I say more?  The Wanted are fire-hot, sexy and well suited. And I'm sure I've said all of this before. Actually I have. Maybe they should just rock up shirtless next time so that I can have a different reaction?

No Sparks here

She's lost weight and she's looking great but this Etro gown isn't doing much for Miss Jordin Sparks.Her body shape is spectacular but the mesh on the upper half of the dress and that weird detail on the crotch area is a bit of an eyesore. The bottom of the dress also hurts my eyes. 
Jordin is stunning and I really like her, but she could have done without this tired rag. 

Queen Carrie 

Now there's another star who always looks good. The gorgeous (and major talented) Carrie Underwood is wearing a stunning Abed Mahfouz dress and looking like a billion bucks. 
She is always poised, graceful, sparkly and princess-like but not in an annoying kindergarten way. She's on the money in this one and she looks smashing from head to toe. Belle of the ball. 

What's up with Hayden? 

Nothing is going right with Hayden Panattiere's wardrobe these days. Her hair looks like it was not professionally done, her make-up is boring and her dress looks like one of Taylor Swift's sparklers from 2009. Overall there isn't a single memorable thing about this. Not a good look, Hayd. 

Playboy bunny ready 

I absolutely love Jenny McCarthy. Funny, sexy, pretty and well dressed. Just the way a Hollywood girl should be. This dress is heavenly on her, hugging her curves just right and fitted with just the right amount of sparkle. 
Her hair and make-up is pure perfection as well. Way to keep it classy, but sassy. 
With the exception of that clunky belt, this entire look is a straight ten out of ten. 

When Ooompa-loompas meet red carpets

Ragging on somebody's weight is not my style but I think we can all agree that Xtina looked so much better (and so much more A-list) when she was thinner. 
Her dress (by Pamela Roland) looks cheap. Her shoes look like they are from some tacky mall shop and her hair and make up is inexcusably awful. And don't get me started on that tan. That wouldn't even fly in Essex. She looks like a cast member on Mob Wives. This has got to end! 

Well hello there.........

See I'm not biased. I could have easily highlighted Chris Brown's great outfit, but I  chose to go for J-Cole instead and they don't even get along that well. He looks all hip-hop but all smart gentleman at the same time. It's simple but suave and I would go out with a guy dressed like this any day. 

Maybe she should stick to pink? 

And one of the worst dressed of the night was Pink. Yes please, wear brown floor length dresses to the AMA's. Yes by all means, wear the same dress that Kim K wore just two weeks ago on a trip to the mall. 
No Pink, you are not half as hot as Kim K and everything from your pose to your tiresome hair is boring. It's time to try something new or time to retire. 

Who invited her?

Hate the hair (have hated it for quite some time now), hate the pose, hate the fact that Ginnifer Goodwin is randomly at the AMA's. 
I do however, love the dress. Unfortunately this Oscar De La Renta would look so much more fitting on a younger, prettier girl. One with a hot body and a generally hot sense of style. Goodwin just gets no love from me. Sorry.

Brandy puts it down

Brandy is so back. And she's looking pretty good. 
Yes, its not the best dress I've ever seen. In fact it looks like something Brandy has worn a couple of times, but hey she is working the carpet and showing off some enviable leg and that's what really matters. 
Her shoes really didn't have to be identical to her dress and she does look like a cheap spin off of Kelly Rowland, but still I like her all the same. Good job, Miss Norwood. 

Backstreet's Back! Alright!!!!!!!!!!!! 

How handsome are the BackStreet Boys? Good music is timeless and so are they. Love them all suited up and looking fine. 
AJ is still the bad boy, Nick is still the cutie, Brian is still mature, Howie is still short and Kevin is still a vampire (seriously what is going on with his sleeves?). Long live the pioneers of all great boy-bandom. We owe them so much.  

Where's the grunge? 

Ke$ha has cleaned up. Yaaawn. 
I've always wanted to see her looking pretty and put together, but this is not quite how I imagined it. This is boring. 
Heavy black shoes and excessive eyeliner (nobody beats Tayloy Momsen though) are not enough to give a look it's edge and Ke$ha really needs her edge.
She's basically wearing a cut-up nightgown. If she wanted to sleep, she should have stayed at home. 

No Doubt do it again

Lets talk about Gwen Stefani. 
Honestly a shrine should be made in honour of this woman's impeccable taste in clothes. No fuss and no frills - just a hot to trot Balmain jacket and she is ready to go. Now that's style.
 As for the rest of the band, as usual, they are perfectly co-ordinated and looking totally rock 'n roll chic. 

The man loves his red

We at The Front Pager are huge Tyga fans, simple because he can wear things like this and not look insane. Red on red on red and animal print for good measure. Anybody else would make the worst dress list but not just anybody can spell they word 'tiger' with a 'y'. The man is such an original article and we love it.  

Where have I seen this before? 

Mmmmmm, now where was it ?
Yes, of course, I remember now - It was on Taylor Swift. Somebody call me when this girl gets over wearing this dress every time she ever has to hit a red carpet. Until then, I don't think we'll be talking about her much longer. 

The rock star look 

Now there's a look that never gets old. 
One is all suited up and trying to look like he doesn't spend his days jamming to crazy hip hop tracks. The other is making giant black earrings and a Freddy Kruger tie look sexy (and succeeding). 
Linkin Park don't care about fashion but that's exactly what makes them so on trend. 
Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington looked totally boyfriend-worthy on the AMA red carpet and the contrast in their looks gets a rock star style A+ 

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