Monday, November 12, 2012

Who brought the noise at the 2012 MTV EMAs

Sadly not a lot of noise was brought at this year's event. A general lack of star power accompanied by a lack of red carpet 'wow' made for a so-so awards show.
Nevertheless, the ladies (and some of the gents) put on their finest treads and this is what they managed to come up with.

On or off Key? 

One of the night's shining stars (boring court shoes and all) was the lovely Alicia Keys. In a figure hugging Stella McCartney, her body looked amazing.
 We've seen this type of dress a million times now but the way that it creates a flattering silhouette never gets old. I do wish that the hemline went all the way to the floor as that would have made for a much more glam look, but overall Miss Keys looks pretty good.

Vamping it up

Well here's the drama that Alicia Keys' look lacked. Supermodels can pull almost anything off (its their job after all) and Isabeli Fontana really did bring this Replay catsuit to life. 
Some would call it weird and Wicked Witch of the West-ish; I call it exciting. The tassels are a bit distracting  but hey its the EMAs and she's got the body to pull of this off. She rocked out.


Yawn. There was Taylor Swift looking like Taylor Swift. Shiny and boring but pretty, I guess. Her hair and make up (although done in this way many times before) was on point, I suppose. But the whole look was totally expected. Its been done so many times, I don't understand why she keeps wearing this.Does she never get tired of looking the same? No wonder she's dating Ed Sheeran. Next please.

Supermodel glam

I really am a Heidi Klum fan. I'm also known to praise Donatella Versace's work. Put them together and you would expect nothing short of fabulousity, but this is what we got instead - a lot of blue and a lot of skin.
I actually liked her red-carpet look quite a bit. She looked really sexy and she would have looked even better without the awful shoes.
Heidi can wear almost anything and look good and as the host for the night, I expected her too. But every single one of her outfits was underwhelming. The only thing that saved her was her amazing head of hair. But hair does not make an outfit.

Fun times

As I've said many times before, I absolutely adore FUN. They are quirky, cool, talented and skinny. Yes they make skinny look good. 
I hate using the word 'hipster' and I'm glad that I don't have to when it comes to these guys. They aren't hipsters, they are rockstars - 2012 edition. They dress to impress without any effort at all. The world would be a better place if more guys put it together like this. 

Lana Del Yawn

Is she wearing flat shoes? Never mind  I don't care. Thinking about Lana Del Ray makes me sleepy. In fact, I think she makes herself sleepy.
Her dress (I don't even care who made it) was terrible, she looked like an ugly dark mess and I can't even think of one redeeming thing about this dreadful look.
Lana made no effort whatsoever and she proved why she is so undeserving of all the praise that she often gets from the fashion world. She looked like the corpse bride on crack.

If this is what stylists dress like..........

There really is no hope then, is there? 
As she so often does, Louise Roe looked like death. Too much white, awful mismatched bag, ridiculous jewelry and a sad hair and make-up job.
 How she gets paid to style people is beyond me. This Sass and Bide dress looked like a giant decorated diaper. The more I look at it, the worse it gets.

Keeping up with the Jonases. 

Kevin Jonas. Ugly.
Joe Jonas. Fugly
Nick Jonas. Perfection.
In fact, Nick is the only reason I mention the Jo Bros at all. They always go out of their way to dress up (even if they end up looking like fools), but at least they will always have Nick to look adorable. Bless him and his button up shirts and grandpa sweaters. 

Her again....

In a strange turn of events, Rita Ora turned up looking somewhat alright. Well her dress was alright at least.
The top half was typical Marchesa beauty, but the bottom could have been taken in a bit. Be that as it may, Rita did make quite a statement and that is the whole point of being on a red carpet anyway.
This probably would have looked better on somebody else (somebody prettier and less tacky, maybe) but I still give Miss Ora an A for effort.

Queen Kim

Queen of what you may ask. Queen of turning up at random events and looking good, I say. 
Kim K was looking very pretty in a Stephane Rolland creation. She rocked lovely hair and make-up and the crazy long train on the dress was nothing short of fierce. She seems to have really gone all out. Something that so many others failed to do.  
Now Kim really doesn't need any help in the booty area, and this dress did made her look wider in the most unnecessary places. Still, she looked gorgeous and her confidence in her curves always makes look even hotter.  She was one of the best dressed of the night.

There will be no calling, maybe.

Oh Carly Rae Jepsen will you ever learn?
We've pointed out before that Carly has great style. But instead of being her usual fun, fresh and adventurous self, she went for a very safe, very dull, very matronly Johana Johnson prom dress.
This is too plain and boring for any popstar to wear. It wasn't even accessorized well. Carly looked pretty, yes, but she's been in the spotlight for a while now so much I expected more.

No Doubt about this! 

Aaaah Gwen. How does she do it?
No Doubt looked hot on the carpet, with their lead singer Miss Stefani looking as gorgeous and stylish as she always does. Basic black and red lips are her signature look and as simple as it is, she always looks amazing. The rest of the band can't help but step it up as well.
No Doubt were so fashion forward and well put together, they too provided one of the best looks of the night.

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