Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gay Celebrities: Proof that it does get better

Niel patrick Harris and his cutie-pie David Burtka
Three cheers for Frank Ocean, Anderson Cooper and the delectible Mr Matthew Bomer.
All stars, all successful in thier own right, all openly gay/bi. Their choice of coming out of their respective closets (honestly, who came up with this phrase?) has been met with great applause and I am clapping the till my hands get sore.

Now I must admit that I am no Frank Ocean fan and I am not all that familiar with his tunes. I know Anderson Cooper very well but I love him more for his bulging biceps than his journalistic skills. Matthew Bomer's cheekbones rattle my cage, but honestly, I have never actually watched a single episode of White Collar.

Still, I have become one of the greatest supporters of these guys; choosing to go public with their sexuality was a brave move.

I would imagine that for Matthew Bomer, being a man with gorgeous blue eyes and ridiculously sexy abs, it would have been easier for him (and his female fans) to 'be straight'. 

Anderson Cooper's job is to tell the news. Not be the news. He hid the truth for years for the sake of his (brilliant) career.

Frank Ocean, must have had the hardest time coming out. Up and coming r&b singer. Worked with Jay-Z and Kanye on Watch the Throne. Plus he has a loyal legion of fans.
With the hip hop world's reputation for being anti-gay, Ocean showed an uncommon kind of bravery.

Everyday hundreds of homosexuals struggle with who they are, are shunned for who they are, and even hurt themselves (or get hurt) because of who they are.
They have been fed the message (by uneducated idiots or overtly righteous church members) that being gay, lesbian or bi is wrong. Or that it is something to be ashamed off. Thank God for Lady Gaga's 'Born this Way', I say.

Many young homosexuals have to deal with the unfounded idea that to be gay they must be obsessed with fashion, have a thing for the colour pink and be a fan of every musical ever made.
Lesbians don't have it easy either. No, stereotypists, not every lesbian is a feminist man-hater. Portia de Rossi doesn't dress like a dude, does she? Neither does the lovely (and totally bi) Amber Heard.

It is a joy to see celebs coming out and allowing themselves to be role models.

Lord knows there aren't enough African-American gay public figures. Frank Ocean doesn't know how important his decision to come out could be for many people's lives.

Jodie Foster, Rosie O'Donald, Niel Patrick Harris (bless him), Clay Aiken, Adam Lambert, Kathy Griffin and many more deserve to be saluted for their tireless efforts in making gay, okay.

They deserve a 'thank you' for giving the intolerant something to think about, giving the confused someone to identify with and giving some troubled teenager sitting alone in thier room wondering about the world that we live in, a little more hope and a lot less fear.

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