Monday, August 26, 2013

Who brought the noise at the VMAs

Selena Sophisticaté

Oh, how I love this girl. She's sexy, stylish, age appropriate and always drop dead gorgeous. This dress is a bit more Grammy's than VMA's but it gets a pass because it's Versace and its on the always lovable Selena G. 

This is what all that 'work' was for?

Sorry, Iggy Azelea. This looks like a J-Lo reject.
Your body is rocking in this risque number, but the hair and make-up is so very dull. This is all together, very forgettable. 


Check out J-Hud dressed like J-Law. Its Dior after all. 
At a fashion event, this would get a pass, but at the VMA's she just looks like somebody's mom.
The look is great for her body, but I would lose those bangs and that dead awful 'soooooo 2001' choker. 

Shining like a Crystal

Crystal Reed is one of my favourite Young Hot Hollywood girls. She's stunning, fun and very stylish but Jeez Louise! where did she think she was going?
This dress is way too much. Her hair and make-up is way to tame and although that clutch is hot property, its more 'mall' than 'music awards'. 

All together now: AAAAAAAAAH!

One Direction have upped the anti! And no, I have no idea if that makes sense.
But forget about me - look at these luscious lads. I bet my last dime, they've just graduated from the Johnny Depp meets Ryan Gosling college of style.
Harry is continuing 70's rockstar vibe, Zayn looks like James Dean and Liam looks edible. Yes, edible - like a slab of chocolate. Nail and Louis have some catching up to do, but all together they are quite a nice set aren't they? 

Miley 2.0

Ok, here we go.....
I've been wondering for a while if Rachel Zoe is still styling this chick. Because honestly, Miley hasn't looked Zoe-d up since her kick ass look at the Billboard awards. And that was eons ago.
 I don't know why Miley has decided to be on this poor man's Gwen Stefani streak but its getting boring really quick. I like the razzle dazzle on her black ensemble, but the shoes are hideous and its all together one of her less exciting looks. 


I see where Katy was going with this. I also see that her thighs are fantastic, but I can't fairly comment on this dress.
Roll back to the Met Gala. Katy was there and I'm pretty sure she saw Coco Rocha wearing the same  Ungaro leopard print gem . She's given it the 'slut cut' but still - there's nothing original here.

No dear, everything was the same. 

Let it be known, that I love Drake. What I don't love are - tired workman's boots, ill-fitting sweat shirts and all of this boring, bland, blackness. 
Did Drake even try? Does he ever? Somebody haul this man of to fashion week, already! 

Rosci rocking it. 

Rosci Diaz is hot. Fact.
I love this little colourful dress on her.
She stands out on what was a very dark carpet and her hair and make-up are perfection. I love everything about Rosci's look, except maybe the fact that it this Pia Pauro dress looks like something that Victoria Justice has worn like eleven times.

Move over Bieber!

I have a well documented love for Austin Mahone. And when he looks as good as this, he only gives me more reason to fan-girl over him. 
He's cute, current, well dressed, crazy talented and rather buff. I'm ready to get my cougar on, right this second. 

The 90's called........

So Chilli and T-Boz were hanging around. Chilli looks like she's about to jump into a throwback Usher video and T-Boz looks well, kinda old. 
But hey, they are members of TLC and we have to love them and their troublesome fashions, just for that. Go Nineties! 

Give her a Gould star!

Hello, Miss Ellie Goulding. Look at you all dolled up. 
I love this look from head to toe. Ellie keeps it simple and fresh and somehow manages to look rather hot and event appropriate. I love the high slit, the rock and roll studs on her dress and her signature messy hair. 

British Invasion

Emeli Sande is a lovely lady with an amazing voice, but playing dress up is not her thing.
She looks like she's off to have lunch with the girls, AS USUAL. But she is one that is so talented, that she can actually get away with this. You get a pass, Sande.

Hubba hubba.....

Its the VMAs, JGL, not a business meeting! Why so serious?
3rd Rock from the Sun is a seriously dapper dude, but I wish he would have relaxed a little for VMA night. Nevertheless, he still has a 10 out of 10 banagability rating - even in this substitute teacher suit.

Lady What What?

Before I begin with this, I must point out two things - good and bad. 
Bad - Lady Gaga's wig that really really really looks like a wig.
Good - Gaga's body. Good Lord, she looks hot.
Anyway, the dress looks like something that she would normally go to the movies in, so its a bit underwhelming but its nice to see her committing to her new toned down look.

A major improvement.

I'm just gonna go out and say it. Rita Ora, for the 1st time ever - you look great! 
The dress is a knockout, hair and make-up is perfect and her body is banging. 
For once, she isn't trying to be Rihanna. She's just trying to be an edgier version of Beyonce, which I can actually forgive. Guess going to all those front rows has finally paid off. 

When celebrities have kids......

Is that a Runaways t-shirt? Oh boy...... 
Willow is a train-wreck waiting 2 happen. She like 12, going on 40. What happened to her cute and cuddly days? Must she always have awful hair and look rusty and downtrodden?
You're Will Smith's daughter! Try to look like it!
As for Jayden, oh I don't know. He is handsome dot com but his outfits always scream 'Justin Bieber's understudy' and honestly that is the last thing that anybody should want to be.

Return of the Mack!!!!!!!!

Please allow me to fangirl for like 5 hours.........
These two are the heart and soul of every party and they look so damn good. 
I find the Mack incredibly sexy and Ryan Lewis is obviously flawless. These two can do no wrong.

Did you forget something? 

This is Erin Wasson for those of you who didn't know. She is desperately trying to get our attention. Yet, somehow we still don't care. 
Rose McGowan did it first, darling. Its so done. 


I was obviously trying to play on the word 'grand' there. I'm not sure if it worked. 
Anyway, Ariana is wearing a Kenley Collins dress and she is endlessly cute. I'll admit, its a tad bit boring, but maybe thats because its so unusual to see a young girl in Hollywood, actually dressed like a young girl. 
I love this chick. 


Yeah, there is always that one look that leaves me a tad bit confused.
This Naeem Khan pants-dress-whatever is actually quite fashion forward - Jessica Biel and Nina HOTbrev both wore such ensembles at the Met Gala. But alas, this is not the Met.
Holland is to beautiful, too stylish and too young, to be looking so (dare I say) matronly. Its just too much and too wrong for the VMA's. 

Look! Its Not-Nicki-Minaj!

Yeah, uhm, Lil Kim lives. And she doesn't look all bad - maybe only like 65 % bad. I think.
Her body looks alright (we'll forgive her for that cameltoe, yes?). Her face is currently being compared to Jigsaw's as I type and that belt and boots combo is just ridic. But seriously, when has Lil Kim ever been a style star? I'm gonna give this a reluctant pass.

Oooh la la.

Shailene Woodley has landed and she's landed in Pucci! I'm officially a fan.
I've never seen this side of Shay before. She looks so fresh and so Young Hot Hollywood. Who knew she had such a banging body?
It must be all of that hanging out with Theo James. I mean, who wouldn't get all hot and hyped around him?

I'm so out! 

It's the VMA's Ciara, not some kind of fancy smancy ball. 
Ciara is waaaay over dressed. I know she has friends at the house of Givenchy, but they obviously don't like her much if they gonna give her a watered down version of a dress Beyonce wore last year - at the freaken MET.
Seriously did these girls think that just because they are in NYC, suddenly they needed to dress like Anna Wintour was watching? 
Anyway, Ciara looks pretty and all, but I'm just not impressed. 

30 Seconds to sexy! 

It is such a relief to see Jared l
Leto looking like Jared Leto. Hot, sexy, leathered up and rockstar-ish. 
The guys are a well oiled machine. Perfect co-ordination, looking totally Paris, but not OTT. I love this. 

Presenting Mr and Miss Anderson. 

They might as well be married, ok? 
Naya and Big Sean are my favourite celeb couple. They're sexy, talented, well-dressed and so loved up. 
Naya toned down the sexy for some reason and I wasn't feeling that, but I get she took a step back because this was her man's event and not hers. 
Big Sean looks rather dapper. His style has really evolved over the last few months. I adore these two. 

So, Ashanti is alive. 

Yes, show as much skin as possible, that will make people care. Not. 
I like Ashanti, I really do. I thought she had gone all style maven, when she was on Fashion Police looking all Paris, but it appears that I was wrong. About as worn as this piece of cloth that she is calling a dress. 

Yay for Tay. 

Old Hollywood, Marylin Monroe, sexy siren. I see what you're doing here, T-Swizzle. 
Its a bit too safe for the VMA's, but then again Tay is always safe. I love seeing her without the bangs and her body looks great (as usual). I'm giving her an A for effort. 

Guess whose back?  

"We show-stopping, we show-show-stopping."
Well, not really.
Danity Kane are looking about as matchy-matchy as Daft Punk (and not in a good way). Aubrey looks kinda cute. Dawn's camel-toe is distracting. And the rest of the girls are just forgettable.
But hey, I'm excited for their comeback. Aren't you?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Style Icon 101: Bonang Matheba

Whoa, it has been a hot minute since this bloggers fingers went wild on a keyboard.
Anyway, I have returned and I have returned in style - with the gorgeous Ms Bonang Matheba. 

 Yes, I needed some local content around here, but to be honest, Bonang can’t really be classified as ‘local’ anymore. She’s the face of Revlon and she’s impressed everybody from fashion policeman George Kotsopoulos to royal bad boy, Prince Harry.
So lets let this over achiever diva teach us a thing or two about how to look when we step out of the house.

Go glam or go home.

Queen B* is a glamazon from head to toe. She turns heads when she walks into a room with her dazzling outfits.
She loves royal colours like gold and she isn’t afraid of OTT accessories, glitter and sequins.

Her gowns are always extremely fitted and she bedazzles them with rhinestones and lots of bling. No point in being a star if you aren’t going to look like one and nobody knows this better than Bonang. 

A queen doesn’t leave the house without her crown.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Bonang (like me) is a classic accessory whore. And yes, being a whore can be a good thing. 
From luxurious head-pieces to her signature chunky necklaces, there is no such thing as a dull so-so outfit in Bonang’s world. There is also no such thing as simple. 

When she isn’t piling on the high end jewellery, expect B to liven up a red carpet gown with a brooch or in this case, Nicole Kidman-esque peacock feathers.

There is never dull moment in Bonang's wardrobe (no, don't ask me how I know that). She wouldn’t dare meet fans without a cute hat and clashing necklace. From her bags, shoes and head gear, this B has no B-list accessories.

Black is the new black

Black is timeless, flattering and beautiful plus you can wear just about anything with it. Bonang knows this well and she is always quick to embrace her dark side.

She glams up basic black with her go to accessories or she heads over to her go to designer, Gert Johan Coetzee, to make her something magical.

Feathers, beads, jewels, lace and belts  are inventive ways to dress turn an LBD to a H.O.T. – which is exactly what Bonang is.

Fiesty fashionista

Bonang is a trendsetter supreme and she fears not what anybody has to say about her choice in clothes.

She dresses her slim frame perfectly and is always in the latest threads before anybody else.
She’s like a South African Alexa Chung meets Rihanna meets Naya Rivera meets Kim K (pre-Kanye) meets Blake Lively (for her never ending legs if nothing else).

Bonang loves and knows her fashion. She was wearing overalls way before WhoWhatWear did a feature on them and nobody has rocked faux fur like this since the great Rachel Zoe.

Bonang’s staples are fitted jeans, shades of black white and gold, plenty of bling and sexy heels, which glam up any look. She always looks like a classy little lady, but a lady who would definitely fight for the last pair of studded Steve Madden shoes.

Go bold or go home

What is that bright neon yellow vision in the distance? Why, it’s the Queen B of course.
Clash your colours, go crazy with prints, and never leave the house in a dress that doesn’t make a statement.

Her main man, Gert Johan Coetzee is known for his OTT looks, so Bonang is always covered. When I see this pair, I think of Anne Hathaway and Valentino or Stella McCartney and Kate Hudson.

Zebra prints and a dramatic bow? It aint no thang to a fashion icon. No other star would dare and that's what makes her a queen. 

If you got it flaunt it.

Bonang is one sexy lady. Expect her to show of her killer legs, whenever she gets the chance.
She’s modelled for FHM so she isn’t afraid to show of skin, but she always keeps it classy. No slutty-couture going on here.

B’s secret is to balance out her looks. If she’s showing of her chest, her legs are covered and vice-versa. It’s a basic rule of style, really.
No outfit is complete without amazing hair and make-up

Well there really is no point in getting all dolled up if you don’t have perfect hair and make-up to match.

Bonang is  infamous for her weaves. If fact is was her ever changing hair-does that made me take notice of her in the first place. 
Now when I can't think of what type of weave, I’m gonna rock next, I head to Google and type in Bonang.

Her make-up look is also ever changing, but she never over does. She’s a natural beauty so she doesn’t need to. 
With make-up less is ALWAYS more. Bonang's killer eye make-up is always a winner. But for more dressy events, she keeps things interesting with a bold lip.

*Images (well some of them) courtesy of Bonang's instagram